Acne Treatment, Los Angeles

The AGNES Acne Treatment can provide a permanent improvement to acne breakouts without the side effects of anti-acne drug therapy.  

About Agnes

Banish Pimples Permanently!

We introduce a new and unique approach to acne treatment in a permanent way. Conceived by Korean dermatologists, the AGNES Acne Treatment can provide a permanent improvement to acne breakouts without the side effects of anti-acne drug therapy.

Acne is an inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands in the skin follicles, that results in comedones (white heads) and pimples that can progress to cyst formation, nodules and scarring. By destroying the sebaceous gland, acne can be permanently prevented.

Non Surgical Treatment for Eye bag

Look Refreshed And Youthful

AGNES RF offers a non-surgical tightening solution aimed at addressing sagging and loose skin in the areas surrounding the eyes, including above and below them.

Agnes operates by specifically targeting and melting fat deposits using micro-insulated needles. Unlike injection procedures that impact surrounding tissues, Agnes offers the advantage of exclusively targeting and melting fat without any associated side effects, making it versatile for use in various areas. Additionally, as it functions by delivering high-frequency energy, it also provides a tightening effect on lax tissues.

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Acne Treatment Los Angeles

Benefits of Agnes

  • Treat comedonal and inflammatory acne
  • Improve the appearance of undereye bags
  • Tighten the skin around the eyes
  • Low down time (Lunch time procedure)
  • No systemic side effects (no need for oral medication that cause extreme dryness or gastrointestinal side effects)
  • Safety (protecting the normal skin epidermis)
  • Effective not only for Acne but also other pore related problems such as syringoma, blackheads, enlarged pores and scars.

 ​The AGNES Acne treatment is effective as it targets the root of the problem. Because acne is an inflammatory disorder of the hair follicle arising from sebaceous glands, destruction of these sebaceous glands effectively reduces acne.

Once the sebaceous glands are destroyed, acne subsides and is unlikely to recur. Less than 10% of acne recurred within a year after the final treatment session , making this a truly effective long term solution for acne.

The AGNES device allows Selective Sebaceous Gland Destruction, that precisely targets and destroys the sebaceous gland, without thermal injury to the surface skin epidermis; Providing a permanent solution to chronic recurring acne.

 This unique technology uses tiny partially insulated needles and square waveform monopolar and radiofrequency energy to selectively destroy the problematic sebaceous gland while protecting the surface of the skin (the epidermis) from heat injury.

  1. Topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment , so you will experience minimal discomfort.
  2. The skin is cleansed and scaled, and excess sebum is first extracted from the hair follicles by our therapists.
  3. A tiny micro-needle is then inserted into the skin follicle and sebaceous glands to deliver a mono-polar Radio-frequency current that destroys the problematic glands.
  4. The next day, a bipolar radio frequency current is applied using a surface probe to loosen any remaining debris and impurities, which are removed to cleanse the skin.

Active acne with pimples, cysts and comedones or large pores.


It takes 30-60 minutes per session.


2-3 sessions may be required depending on severity of the condition.


The skin improves throughout the treatment. Pimples don’t form again in treated follicles, and number of new lesions reduces over time, and over several treatments.

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