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O2 Derm Oxygen Therapy

OXY – Premium Anti-Aging Therapy

Discover the revitalizing effects of Oxygen therapy, a premium anti-aging skincare program. Our skilled therapists utilize high-concentration oxygen and negative ions to effectively address the underlying causes of skin aging. By regenerating active oxygen, we promote cell renewal and enhance immune function, resulting in improved troubled and problematic skin.


Oxygen Therapy is great as a …

  • Soothing & Regenerative Care after Laser Treatment
  • Effective Healing & Regenerative Care following Plastic Surgery
  • Brightening and Moisturizing Treatment
  • Fast Recovery from Various Skin Troubles
  • Convenient Daily Skincare Treatment without Disruptions in Everyday Life

Experience the rejuvenating benefits as we breathe life back into tired complexions, unveiling a refreshed and radiant appearance. Don’t miss out on our exclusive skincare treatment – book your appointment now!

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Benefits of  Oxygen Dome

  • High-Concentration Oxygen: O2Dome generates over 90% of the essential energy source for cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, providing high-concentration oxygen. This induces skin respiration, stimulates metabolism, and promotes the regeneration of damaged cells.
  • Negative Ions: O2Dome generates approximately three million negative ions, known as “vitamins in the air,” which help reduce the active oxygen responsible for skin aging and induce cell regeneration.
  • Amount of Negative Ion Generation: O2Dome generates over 3,000 times more negative ions compared to the naturally occurring amount.

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